Please read the terms below and click to agree when you are done.

Then be sure to email us a scanned copy of this signed W9 before your first job is completed.

1. Photo Release
MWA 2019 Photo Release

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2. Independent Contract or Freelance Agency Agreement
MWA 2019 Independent Contractor Freelance Agency Agreement

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3. Code of Conduct
MWA 2019 Code of Conduct

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4. LA Contract*

*California-based talent please print, sign, and scan back to

Non-Exclusive Contract
Nonexclusive Contract

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Exclusive Contract
Nonexclusive Contract

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5. Payment

The following is REQUIRED to be paid by MWA.

You must print, fill out, and sign the W9 form.  Scan it and email back, or place in the mail and send to our office so we can pay you and know where to send payment to once you book through us. A copy of your license and current address would be helpful as well.

Click here to download a W9. (PDF)

MWA Contact
(646) 470-0398 – New York
(310) 817-0087 – Los Angeles